Ages Olive Oil by Kyklopas Greece


The eternal wonder of the oldest olive grove in Europe. The grove that has produced this crisp, delectable extra virgin olive oil ceaselessly for centuries. The olive juice you have the good fortune of savouring is truly unique. An undeniable demonstration of the inconceivable forces of Mother Nature. And of its generosity, when its unspoken laws are respected. And when her precious offerings are humbly received and cherished.

The fact that this monument of Nature is today in the loving hands of the Kelidis family and of their olive mill Kyklopas, may very well be a happy coincidence. Or just pure destiny. Perhaps they were chosen as the guardians of this testimony of History, in view of their awards from all over the world, which exceeds 100. Perhaps to have the sacred duty of passing this unspoilt wonder to the next generations.

Ultimately, though, the true beneficiary is you: Ages is your opportunity to enjoy a piece of Evolution.

Discover the taste of Eternity! 

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