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Brigade invited to the European Parliament to cook with products from Eastern Macedonia and Thrace!

Brigade invited to the European Parliament to cook with products from Eastern Macedonia and Thrace!

A group of professionals in the food sector, with the core group made of chefs with chef Nikos Fotiadis as chairman, has taken on the task of supporting local Greek products. They call themselves Brigade, a term that in cooking terminology describes the team in a professional kitchen.

More specifically, Brigade consists of chefs and cooks, professionals involved in food marketing, molecular biologists, zoologists and journalists. Their movement is based on the shared perspectives on issues of sustainability, sustainable development, the use of local products and technology that promote and ensure superior quality by supporting production units using environmentally friendly methods towards a sustainable environment.


Brigade was invited to the European Parliament to cook with products from eastern Macedonia and Thrace by European MP Mr. Kouloglou, who for the 5th year now is showcasing local products and production. Among the products that were selected is Kyklopas early harvest olive oil and our naturally infused flavoured olive oils. We thank them for choosing our products. It is a great honour that chef and president of Brigade, Mr K. Fotiadis, has publicly spoken about our oil - that he has tried Kyklopas extra virgin olive oil, congratulating us on our "very good work". Mr Fotiadis continued by saying: “Our founding member, Mr Manos Makrigiannakis chef and owner of Philema restaurant in Brussels, has been supporting our efforts in showcasing local products, helping us in every way possible and we wish to thank him for that. We gave an interview to journalists from all over Europe as well as on an international radio station to make known to as wide an audience as possible that cooks and chefs from Greece are willing to pull up their sleeves to secure a better gastronomic future for our country”


Members of Brigade:

1. Alexandros Charalamlopoulos (Executive Chef)

2. Anagnostis Argyriou (Doctor of Molecular Biology)

3. Vicky Krystalidou (Animal Husbandry Specialist)

4. Vicky Kostopoulou (Food Marketing)

5. Yiannis Baxevanis (Executive Chef)

6. Yiannis Parikos (Executive Chef)

7. Yiannis Stanitsas (Executive Chef - Consultant)

8. Dimitris Dimitriadis (Executive Chef)

9. Dimitris Pamporis (Executive Chef)

10. Dimopoulou Christina (Dietician)

11. Konstantina Faklaris (Executive Chef)

12. Lefteris Lazarou (Executive Chef - Restauranteur)

13. Manos Makrigiannakis (Executive Chef - Restauranteur in Brussels)

14. Maro Atos (Executive Chef)

15. Nikolaos Fotiadis (Executive Chef)

16. Nikos Pelgrinis (Executive Chef)

17. Panagiotis Giakalis (Executive Chef)

18. Panagiotis Poulopoulos (Executive Chef)

19. Father Epiphanios (Executive Chef – Oenologist from Mount Athos)

20. Simos Triantafillou (Executive Chef)

21. Filippos Dimopoulos (Executive Chef)

22. Charis Tzantzis (Flavour Journalist - Local Product Promotion)

23. Christos Athanassiadis (Executive Chef - Restauranteur)


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