Awards and Distinctions "Award winning olive oil produced near the cave of Homer's Cyclops" "Award winning olive oil produced near the cave of Homer's Cyclops"

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Argyris Kelidis, owner of Kyklopas Olive Mill, speaks to about the extra virgin olive oil produced by the family business, on the occasion of the recent distinction in the classification of EVOOWR.


How did you come to be involved in olive oil production? Tell us about the company Kyklopas, about how it started, where it is today and its people.

My involvement with olive production began in 1956, when as a small child I was initiated into the world of olive oil by my parents. With deep knowledge which they imparted to me, in 1982 my wife Niki Kelidou and I established Kyklopas Olive Mill in Makri, Alexandroupolis. It is built inside one of the oldest olive groves in the Mediterranean near the cave of Homer's Cyclops (Kyklopas in Greek), from which we took the name. Today, by remaining updated on the latest developments and with a passion and love for what we do, the Kelidis family cultivates 12,000 olive trees and 2,000 organically grown olive trees of the local Makri variety. We produce Kyklopas extra virgin olive oil, one of the most highly awarded olive oils in Greece.


Tell us about your products. Which would you describe as the most innovative/unique products that showcase your company?

Our multi-award winning Kyklopas products are widely known and recognized for their exceptional and consistent quality. Kyklopas olive oil is a single varietal extra virgin olive oil of very low acidity, made from the Makri olive. In terms of taste, it can be described as complex and delicate, with medium intensity of bitterness and spice. It is best consumed raw as a final touch to any dish.

Our aromatic olive oils are made by crushing together olives and real fruit and herbs from Greek farms - the healthiest way to flavour olive oil. It is available in six different flavours: lemon, orange, basil, spearmint with ginger, garlic and chilli. Other products include honey, edible Makri olives, salted olives, natural cosmetics and soaps made with Kyklopas extra virgin olive oil. All our products are pure, and made with passion and love by our family. Whatever we have been consuming at home for so many years, we believe deserves to be available for other families too.


Which countries have you exported to, and what has been the response from Greek consumers?

Greek olive oils are sought by consumers all around the world because they are a model of proper and healthy nutrition. Kyklopas extra virgin olive oil is exported to many countries around the world, including Germany, Switzerland, England, Holland, Romania, Poland, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Bulgaria, Cyprus.

We are known for long-term collaborations with our customers and for our credibility. We keep to schedules, we are in constant communication with our customers and keep them informed about every phase of preparing the order. We ensure that our products (packaging, labels and contents) arrive in perfect condition.


Branding and marketing plays an important role in any kind of product. What is your strategy in this area?

We are pleased to have created a very strong brand over the years. The multi-award winning Kyklopas products are widely known and recognized for their excellent consistent quality. We are glad to have thousands of followers on social networks. Our quality is our advertising because, honestly, whoever tries our products becomes an instant fan.


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