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The highest ranking of any Greek olive oil ever in the EVOOWR!

The highest ranking of any Greek olive oil ever in the EVOOWR!

It is the first time that a Greek extra virgin olive oil has gained such a high position in the rankings among 9522 samples worldwide.

Kyklopas early harvest olive oil is ranked 33rd worldwide and 1st in Greece out of 9522 oils in the 2018 EVOOWR (Extra Virgin Olive Oil World Rankings). (http://www.evooworldranking.org/2019/_EN/ran_oil_pais.php)

With this achievement, Kyklopas continues its tradition as one of the most awarded and recognized olive oils globally.

Kyklopas is a family business that began several generations ago. Since 1950 until today, through continuous learning, passion and a love for what they do, the Kelidis family now cultivate 12 000 olive trees and 2 000 organic olive trees of the local Makri variety.

The founder of Kyklopas and father of the family, Argyris Kelidis, says: “Over the years we have participated in demanding international and national olive oil competitions for quality. Our results have rightfully lead to a plethora of awards, once again bestowing on us the title of the most awarded olive oil in Greece. According to the EVOO World Ranking, Kyklopas olive oil is number 33 in the world rankings, a first for a Greek extra virgin olive oil. It really is an endeavour spanning years; years of continuous improvement to produce our extraordinary product. We pay attention to every detail in the cultivation of olives, in producing the oil, and even in our storage. Finally, I would like to stress that we would not have been able to achieve such a high position on the global rankings for quality from here, the border regions of Alexandroupolis, Evros, without the hard work and joint effort of our entire family.” He finishes on an emotional note.